Re: transhumanist parents

Spike Jones (
Sat, 21 Nov 1998 14:54:29 -0800

Dan Clemmensen wrote:

> Spike, you really shouldn't solicit comments from parents about their
> kids. As a class we parents are capable of chewing up enormous amounts
> ov bandwidth on this subject. :-)

dan, this thought occurred to me after i posted the original comment. perhaps that is why i thought it curious: our silence on the topic was deafening. i said nothing because i have no next generation.

it did occur to me that extropianism appeals much more to the young. i verified this on an outing with some extropians, which turned out to be all young, mostly single, so perhaps most on this list are pre-reproduction and/or pre-marriage. (by this comment, i am *not* asking if anyone here is young and/or single!) {8^D

on the topic of chewing up bandwidth, do not worry. since joining the list, i have become very quick on the delete trigger, since i now get a lotta spam. i became quite the quick draw while the guns virus plagued this, uh... memeganism. {8^D if we label our offtopics, like you did, i see no reason why extropian parents shouldnt post comments that are off mainstream. (by the way, does it cost money post things? i assumed it was no cost, but i guess i should have verified this before i sent some of the goofy stuff i have posted here. )

> ...Well, the 8-year-old is not clear on all of the math.)

ya, im not clear on all of it either... {8^D

> The big problem is that we live in
> a culture that finds atheism and transhumanism to be nutty ideas.

i hear this a lot. i guess the silly-clone valley isnt the real world. {8^D

> problem as a parent is to teach the kids to be discreet and to respect
> other people's religion, ...

i see your point. other peoples religions have little respect for us, yet we hafta show respect for them. {8-[ tyranny of the majority. i suggest we declare memetic war on em all. {8^D spike