Re: FW: Immortality at last Ray Kurzweil's new book is a real stunner

The Baileys (
Sat, 21 Nov 1998 07:08:43 -0500

Spike Jones wrote:

>Hal Finney wrote:
>> Moravec's new book arrived from Amazon yesterday, but my son grabbed it
>> as soon as he got home from school so I haven't started it yet....
>hal, ive been reading this list for several months now and i believe of
>several kiloposts i have read, this is the very first one that mentions
>something,anything, being done by one's offspring. i was beginning
>to think all extropians are sterile. {8^D spike

I've got three kids, one 5 years old, one 20 months old, and one 6 weeks old (sleep is a commodity). Nathan, my 5 year old son, started attending a private school this year. Each student in his class had to present a "Me Board" which included information about the student's family, interests, and future plans. My wife and I constantly discuss topics related to transhumanism in front of the children. In addition, we've got books scattered all about the house. Nathan periodically picks up a book that has a visually interesting cover and asks what its about. I try to give him an adequate summary of the books ideas. Anyway, he and I were putting his "Me Board" together and I asked him about his future plans. One of his future plans was to be immortal. One of his other future plans was to be uploaded into our computer at home so that he could think faster about what other future plans he might have. Unfortunately, I was out of town the day he presented his "Me Board" so I was not able to see the reaction of his classmates and teacher at his pronouncements.

Doug Bailey