Re: information/cultural warfare

Spike Jones (
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 23:29:54 -0800 wrote: The targets for memetic warfare really aren't the

> oppressed people in this situation; the proper target is the oppressors. As
> someone else (?) pointed out, perhaps the best memetic warfare is simply to
> show these ignorant kids what life is like in a free society. For the most
> part, they may be so brainwahsed that they will misinterpret most of what they
> see, but a begining can and should be made. Over time, it may well corrode
> their conditioning.

hey, it worked in this country. well sort of. as kathryn points out, this is a very difficult problem, however i have tremendous confidence in the power of human desire for material goods to overcome religious blindness and ignorance. in the war between materialism vs faith, im betting on the former.

a test case to watch: israel, 400 days from now. new years eve, 1999, happens to fall on a sabbath. the religious leaders will want the entire country shut down as usual on a friday evening, whereas the more secular, bar owners and such, will want to stay open, collect sheckels from the party crowd, and generally join the rest of the world in revelry. so, these two speeding freight trains are approaching each other with grim determination. who do you bet on to run over the other? will this be the first shot in an israeli culture war? spike