Re: An Argument Against Privacy was: Openness.

Paul Hughes (
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 13:52:30 -0800 wrote:

> -> Paul Hughes <>:
> >> Libertarians have argued for a long time to eliminate all victimless
> crimes
> >> from the books. The bottom line is almost everyone has committed a
> >> victimless crime. So either we begin incarcerating everyone or we
> >> eliminate those crimes from the books.
> >>
> >> So the question remains - is this a bad thing? And if so, is there a way
> >> to avoid it anyway amidst a proliferation of commercial gnatbots?
> >
> > What if the gnatbots show that your next door neighboor is breeding
> > incestuous sex slaves that he keeps in his basement with his wife,
> > that he purchased over the internet? (She was made using clones
> > created from Sharon Stones snot, that was stolen from a used Kleenex,
> > that was stolen from the garbage can outside one of her dressing
> > rooms).
> >
> > Where's the victim?
> Do you really have to ask who the victim is in the case of "sex slaves"?

Although this brings up an interesting question, it is irrelevant to my original question. As to the sex slave, is it conscious? If not, then I don't see a victim.