Re: An Argument Against Privacy was: Openness.
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 01:42:02 -0800

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> Paul Hughes <>:
>> Libertarians have argued for a long time to eliminate all victimless crimes

>> from the books.  The bottom line is almost everyone has committed a
>> victimless crime.  So either we begin incarcerating everyone or we
>> eliminate those crimes from the books.
>> So the question remains - is this a bad thing?  And if so, is there a way
>> to avoid it anyway amidst a proliferation of commercial gnatbots?

> What if the gnatbots show that your next door neighboor is breeding
> incestuous sex slaves that he keeps in his basement with his wife,
> that he purchased over the internet? (She was made using clones
> created from Sharon Stones snot, that was stolen from a used Kleenex,
> that was stolen from the garbage can outside one of her dressing
> rooms).
> Where's the victim?

Do you really have to ask who the victim is in the case of "sex slaves"?

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