Re: All Energy = 0

Ian Goddard (
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 00:01:07 -0500

At 01:19 PM 11/17/98 -0500, Michael Lorrey wrote:
>This is the first time I've seen a rational argument that your identity
>theory has any relation to the real universe. Keep it up...

IAN: Well, that identity is holistic is manifestly obvious and I have challenged many here to present even one example of a non-holistic identity, and, apart from insults, none have been able to do so.

Ironically you've implied holistic identity is lacking evidence. Can you site the evidence of non-holistic identity you seem to be aware of?

I've also shown how a zero-sum can be derived from any state of difference and many physical quantities. It's quite an eye-opener to discover, lo and behold, a zero-sum of all energy has been "on the books" since 1962, yet generally unknown, even as it provides linchpin support for on of the leading theories of our time, the Big Bang theory.

The one identity that I believe is nonholistic -- that is, it isn't derived from interrelations -- is the number 0. Zero is zero exactly due to its difference with itself (0 - 0 = 0), but every nonzero number n is what it is due to its difference from zero (n - 0 = n and n = 0 + n) and since n is not 0, all nonzero numbers are holistic identities, which is to say, n is derived by relation to not n.

But zero is an identity attribute of each number relative to itself, and is a measure that there is a symmetrical distribution of identity attributes in a given system, which is a symptom of holistic identity, evidenced in the case that the identity of all nonzero real numbers is holistic and the sum of all reals equals 0.

Everything must = 0 (I posit) since everything, the whole itself, isn't derived from external relations, and zero is the "map" of the self- lf relation, which is a null relation.

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