Re: Personality Types: J's vs. P's.

Michael Somers (
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 00:39:19 "GMT"

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:

>Since when is judgment less "objective" than
>observation? I had not earlier reported to this
>thread, so let me add onemore INTJ to the list--and
>one is very, very, J. Withoutjudgment, observation
>is pointless and impotent. The reason I want to be
>objective is so that I can make better judgments. The
>reason I want immortality is that I judge life to be a
>good thing and I want more.

Thats interesting that you should emphasize that you are very *very* J. I have noticed that form your past posts, you have a tendecy to 'judge' other peoples posts before really 'observing' what it is they are trying to convey. A most annoying trait. I too am an INTJ, howevever I am also a borderline INTP. The J part of my personality is useful in making judgement once I have observed things adequately. Like you, I also have a tendecy to judge before observing. Certianly not something I'm willing to brag about like youself.

I'm with Kathryn Aegis in thinking all types are potentially susceptiple to Transhumanist ideas.

I would expect a true *trans* humanist to be an XXXX - that is above and transformable into any personality as it suits them. Afterall, aren't we trying to transcend the limits of our psychology? :-)

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