Re: Fred Hoyle, AIDS as govt designer virus - source?

J. Maxwell Legg (
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 20:35:45 +1300

Damien Broderick wrote:
> Ho(y)la folks
> I'd appreciate it if anyone happens to have, and could send me, a source
> for the claim or suggestion by Sir Fred Hoyle that AIDS is a military
> designed virus that either escaped or was released intentionally. This is
> a silly idea, but I'd like to be sure that Hoyle *did* actually utter it
> before I say so print. (I've done a quick Altavista search and got nothing
> relevant.)
> Damien Broderick

Folklore has it that the Boston Globe was the first to report the military connection to AIDS, however I think you'd be better asking this question of a conspiracy list:-

An article appearing in the January 9, 1977 issue of *Newsday* describes how operatives having at least tacit CIA approval introduced African Swine Fever into Cuba: "A U.S. intelligence source told *Newsday* he was given the virus in a sealed, unmarked container at a U.S. Army base and CIA training ground in the Panama Canal Zone, with instructions to turn it over to [an] anti-Castro group."

A Cuban national, on trial in New York Federal District Court, testified that in 1980, "as part of a biological warfare scheme against the Castro Cuban economy, 'a ship traveled from Florida to Cuba with germs...'"


Could ASF be one of the factors behind so-called AIDS? "In 1983, two Boston scientists, John Beldekas (Boston University School of Medicine) and Jane Teas (Harvard School of Public Health), wondered whether ASF was, in fact, the AIDS virus... They found evidence that ASF was showing up in the blood of AIDS patients, 'even though Swine Fever isn't supposed to infect humans,' Beldekas comments."

Teas went to Florida. She recalls that while there she "heard rumors that some Haitians, after eating pork, were contracting an odd illness... Regardless, it was already clear that in some areas where you saw a concentration of AIDS (Africa, Brazil, Haiti), you saw outbreaks of Swine Fever in herds of pigs. Although the pork industry and government scientists won't admit it, there are ASF-infected wild pigs in Florida."