Re: final results of extropians reporting myers briggs

Spike Jones (
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 23:01:24 -0800

> spike Jones wrote: so. bad news my friends: we are weird. {8^D spike
> >
> Tet Far Jason Soon wrote: Good job, Spike and thanks for doing the work. All
> this was my fault as I brought the issue up. I have always felt weird and
> regarded non-conformity as a virtue, so no cause for lamentation.

ya me too.

jason, consider what just happened on this forum in the past 10 days. you tossed out a meme, several people grokked it (love that word), someone else asked a question, someone proposed a poll, we all learned something new about ourselves and our thought space. a meme spawned new memes. it might not sound like much, but the wonderfulness of this phenomenon should be fully.... grokked. {8^D truly, the internet is the greatest application of electricity ever invented. spike