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Christian Weisgerber (
15 Nov 1998 14:31:35 +0100

In article <>, Dan Clemmensen <> wrote:

> At least some cables are repeaterless.

Yes, but at what length? There's a difference between crossing San Francisco Bay and crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

| To meet the growing needs of regional and domestic networks, Simplex
| supplies high fiber count undersea cables, custom designed to meet the
| demands of low loss, long length repeaterless systems.

"Long length" of course is understood in the context of repeaterless systems. There's been no revolution in fiber optics, I think you've simply misinterpreted what you've read.

> Why is all this relevant to this list?

(Everything appears to be relevant to this list. Otherwise replies wouldn't be forced to it, would they?)

> well, folks, the availability of international bandwidth is exploding.

Indeed there are rumors that there is already much more overseas bandwidth available than the telcos are currently selling and that the prices are kept artificially high. On the other hand I've just heard that the prices for overseas cables are dropping fast, which is good news, because the German Research Network will be able to upgrade its connections, which in turn means better connectivity for me. ;-)

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