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Max More (
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 01:42:08 -0800

At 07:53 PM 11/12/98 -0800, Paul Hughes wrote:
>I do not dispute this, but I think it's no coincidence either that you've
>the west coast of the U.S. as your home. I can't think of a better place
>of an off-shore colony) where extropian views will be met with the least
>resistance or prejudice.

True, but I lived in England before that, espousing the same views. I started the first European cryonics organization at a time when it would be considered terribly un-English, what! When I first became a full-fledged libertarian in 1981, there probably weren't more than 250 of us in the country. I still went to school wearing badges (US: "buttons") saying "Taxation is Theft" and "Legalize Heroin". I wrote an extremely unpopular article in 1983 arguing against the age of consent laws which was circulated in the houses of parliament and which got me called "a morally deformed exhibitionist" and "a precocious guru of the New Right" by a newspaper. Ah, the good old days! I still treasure those insults! Even over here, in Extropy #3, I wrote an article under my own name in which I praised psychedelic drugs (rather more extravagantly than I would now).

So, it's not only in relatively hospitable environments like California that I've been open.


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