Re: Informal Myers-Brigg survey

Spike Jones (
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 22:40:45 -0800

Eugene Leitl wrote: As atonement, the poll perpetuator is charged with computing and posting the statistics to the main list...

aw cmon gene, its just for fuuuuuuun. {8^D the poll perp would be me, so i accept the charge. so far the score is:

intp:  5
intj:   5
istj:   1
entj:  2
entp:  1

the other 11 types: nada. ( if someone reported a liner, i counted half for each category. no one tried to vote twice.)

since this *is* just a game, heres a funny story for ya. happened 8 yrs ago at lockheed where i work. the manager had about 90 people under him all engineer/technical. he asked us to take the mb and report the results. we were not required to put our names on em, but were invited to. being an openness type, i did. after collecting and posting

the results, he went into this big song and dance about how he would choose leaders with certain personality types and why. turns out, he was, and would choose as leaders, esfj, which was opposite me in all categories. he and i did not get along. i left his group. {8^D spike