Re: Crazy idea!

Eugene Leitl (
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 01:48:33 +0100

Dan Clemmensen writes:

> [...] The economics are such that it is now
> cheaper to use undersea fiber than on-land fiber in many places even when
> the land route is cheaper. Furthermore, over the last few years, there have

How do the cost of overland/undersea fibre relate to a cloud of line-of-sight laser LEO relays? On long distances, the LEO latency should be even lower, slower speed of light in glass vs. vacuum considered. Given the fight over the dirty last mile, cellular, or even LEO wireless might be ISP's smartest choice, if launch costs to LEO are indeed to drop as predicted. Anybody aware of work on affordable antenna technology capable of direct ground-to-LEO? (WSI phased-array, anyone?)