RE European Socialists

Steve Clancy (
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 13:45:09 +1000

In regards to Max M's responce to my email.

Firstly, Max, I must thank you for your point c;
>c. They are unable to bring themself out of their memetic and genetic

It is an important point which I had failed to consider. I also agree with you comments on the effect of people's social history;
>In the old days when most Danes lived in the country there was something
called a "bad family". A family that had been up to no good for generations. Where the parents where loosers, drunks, beggars etc. and the kids would grow up and be the same.<

>Children of people with social problems are most often those who get social
problems themself.<

So I feel that I should clarify my position somewhat. I agree that it is in our best interests to improve the conditions of the poor, for us as individuals and as a whole community. What I dont agree with is the concentration on wealthy for taxation purposes. Would it not be better to look at other forms of less 'liberty encroaching' means, like the debit tax system, or the carbon tax.

Thanks, Steve.