Re: C14 cryonics question

Spike Jones (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 22:15:13 -0800

Anders Sandberg wrote: According to the chemistry textbook I have
> in my bookshelf the abundancy in living material is one in 10^12.
> The human genome is roughly 6e9 nucleotides, each having around
> 10 carbon atoms ...

thanks anders. i cant find in my modern physics book the number of C14 abundance. if it is one in 10^12, my calc was off by a mere 5 orders of magnitude. {8^D i think peter passaro wrote:

> ...Only one in roughly ten million carbon atoms
> is a C-14 atom and with a half life of 6000 years this is not a very
> frequent event...

im a space type not a biology type. which of the above is right, 10^7 or 10^12? spike