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Anders Sandberg (
10 Nov 1998 20:11:40 +0100

Robin Hanson <hanson@econ.Berkeley.EDU> writes:

> Anders, I'm glad you're reading widely, but I have to comment on
> your poor taste in economics sources.

Thanks for pointing it out, I'll keep it in mind. Another small step towards becoming critical :-)

> The physics articles and
> journals you cite are top-notch, and I'll presume the biology
> articles are as well (I don't know that field very well). But
> I looked at "The street performer ..." and "Networked schools",
> and they are really lousy economics - you probably couldn't get
> them published in a poor economics journal.
> I'll give the authors credit for trying to tackle neglected
> problems, and they may even have the germs of some interesting
> thoughts on them. But compared to the physics articles you cite,
> well there really is no comparison.

I think that is unfortunately true, but I found them interesting and they suggested further ideas that might be worth pursuing.

> Did you ever try browsing some good economics journals, like
> American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, or
> Quarterly Journal of Economics?

It is mostly a matter of access and education - I can access a lot of fun scientific journals from my office workstation since the Institute supplies online access, but I do not have equal access to other fields. And of course, I'm not an economist or even well educated in econonmy, so you really should take my taste in that area with a grain of salt. As you should in other areas too, I suppose :-)

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