Re: Quantum Telemetry

my inner geek (
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 22:17:12 +0800

"Peter Passaro" <>:
> You do realize that current quantum teleportation techniques still require
> a convential EM signal to transmit half the message though, right? Or have
> things changed recently?

Is there such a thing as quantum telepathy?

Remember the movie "Brainstorm" with Natalie Wood? If AT&T had such a device, would they be able to announce it to the public, or would it simply be too shocking and complex for the average citizen to comprehend and use responsibly?

> P.S, Why would you want to monitor every single neuron in someone at a
> distance? Maybe have an extension of yourself in many places at one time?

Yeah. It would make conference calls between people much more interesting. If the majority of callers were moved to tears, my tear ducts would well as well.