Re: Quantum Telemetry

my inner geek (
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 21:43:20 +0800

Hal Finney <>

> > Could such a "machine" be spliced into the DNA gene sequences that
> > encode nerve cells?
> I doubt it, but perhaps in the future people could have two parallel
> "genomes", one DNA based and one nanotech based. As the organism
> developed the nanotech system would activate and cause itself to be built
> into the organism. This way you could be born with nanotech improvements
> all through your body that would carry on to your offspring. With such
> a system you could probably arrange for your neurons to transmit their
> state in near real time.

I was reading abstracts on "Large Scale Information Storage Systems Research", and they mentioned "Quantum Dots".

What are quantum dots?

Do we currently have storage and retrieval systems using this method?

How does this compare in efficiency to molecular tape?