Re: gender apartheid information warfare

Patrick Wilken (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 14:45:20 +1000

>As a matter of fact, thin-film amorphous Si photocell radios with
>headphones are very cheap (a dollar or two, if mass-produced),
>inconspicuous since tiny, and certainly deployable from air.
>Unfortunately, in case of misogynist memetic set the enforcer is
>not far, being the husband.

Can we get a few facts in here? Not all men in Afghanistan are for the Taliban. I guess many would love to see them blown to bits. The problem is the ultra-extremists with guns that are telling everyone else how to act. Its not exactly like the population greeted them with great warmth when they entered Kabul. Information for the oppressed is always a useful commodity (whether it would have any affect on the Taliban is another question).

No ones answered my previous question: how do you attack problems much closer to hand. For instance the insane guys shooting doctors offering abortions. I would have thought if you could crack the memetic set of Bible-beat Christians you would be ready to take on the World. If you can't then any talk of changing the much more extreme (I know its hard to believe) Taliban is just idle posturing.

ciao, patrick

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