Re: HDTV Flat Panels: bad systems of measure

Patrick Wilken (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 11:49:47 +1000

>There's a reason why most people do the date that way. It's
>because month day year is the way you say the date in English,
>and I at least think in English. It is day month year in other
>countries probably because that is how it is said in their

That would be American-english (why do so many people in the USA think their english is English?). In Australian english (and English-english?) its dd-mm-yyyy. I guess we do reverse ISO standard since we are upside-down.

Perhaps English should be considered one of the most libertarian of languages given the way it easily adopts new words and evolves to the users needs. Though this can cause some confusion: in my first trip to the States I got some very odd looks in cafes when I asked for a 'long black' - lucky I wasn't in a gay bar.

best, patrick

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