Re: Wormhole questions
Wed, 04 Nov 1998 21:37:10 -0800

--On Wednesday, November 04, 1998, 5:00 PM -0800 "Hal Finney" <> wrote:

> Worse, what if I position the exit of hole B above the entrance to
> hole A, and drop in a ball. The ball falls through A, comes out B
> where it then drops into A again, and continues, going faster and
> faster as it falls forever. Where does the energy come from?

Why would it keep going faster and faster? It would only accelerate if a constant force was applied. If you set it in motion at 100 miles per hour, it would keep going through A and out B, back into A, over and over, at 100 miles per hour and never gaining speed. Unless you mean the gravity of the wormhole is applying the constant force to keep it accelerating, but this isn't a problem either. The sun applies a constant force to Earth to keep it rotating. Or maybe if the wormholes were too far apart, the ball would be sucked into wormhole A, spat out B, and go slower and slower as it traveled away from B (being sucked back by B's gravity), until B completely sucked it back in and spat it out of A, and the same thing happens. The motion would be a lot like that of a pendulum.

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