Re: gender apartheid and transhumanists
Wed, 04 Nov 1998 16:30:00 -0800

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> I assume that many of you are aware of the situation in Afghanistan by
> now. An excellent set of factual material and suggestions for action
> can be found at

The suggestions from action on this page are far from excellent, they include writing letters to politicians, wearing a symbol of support, signing a petition, joining their group, and telling others to also follow these recommendations. This really does nothing for anybody, except to make the person doing them feel like they've done something when they really haven't. I unfortunately have no better suggestions. The situation is obviosly terrible in Afghanistan and I only expect it to get worse. I hope that perhaps the border skirmishes they are having with Iran will result in a war which will overthrow or at least weaken the Taliban government in Afghanistan (Iran is only very slightly better). What I wish is that there were some organization(s) which are 1) helping women escape Afghanistan for other countries and/or 2) smuggling subversive, anti-Taliban information into Afghanistan (it does little good for us Americans to sit in America and decide that yes something should be done in Afghanistan). Do any such organizations exist? The Taliban is certainly afriad of any external information coming in (shown by their recent ban of television).

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