Re: Mind Survival Strategies (was "Mind machines, a badly ..")

Scott Badger (
Tue, 3 Nov 1998 08:02:44 -0600

>Herein lies one of the two most formidable obstacles to this approach. The
>continuity problem is a vexing dilemna that has been debated at length in
>this forum. Two identities exist (the backup and the new), separated by a
>hour time period, and only one emerges after the judging process (assuming
>the "overwriting" scenario). Obviously, one entity is no longer in
>The other obstacle is the solution to the aforementioned problem. If the
>entity, even though judged undesirable by the backup entity, is allowed to
>continue then it might want to institute its own review process. In a
>cosmologically short span of time the storage capacity needed to store all
>the mind trajectories of me would exceed the information storage capacity
>the universe.
>Doug Bailey

Are you conceptualizing this as though the two entities are communicating with each other? If so, the acceptability of the newer entity by the older should be fairly clear by judgement time. If the newer entity, quite pleased with it's own development despite the criticisms of the older entity, suspected that it was about to be overwritten, then wouldn't it make a secure copy of itself? No, you're scenario would require that only the older entity could have the ability to overwrite or make copies. Yes? Otherwise, info storage capacity problems are inevitable.