Re: Aha! experiences

Spike Jones (
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 23:46:59 -0800

Randall Randall wrote:

> Er..."The Devil"?

yup. {8^D

> Hm. Do you post from work, Spike? Some companies
> read employees' email...

i do on occasion randall. i have written stuff that i could get in trouble for, but this isnt one of em. i never worried about it much until all the hootenanny over the subpoenad email from gates and the other miscreants that run software companies.

i am told that all email should be treated as a postcard, and i have for the most part, but i once calculated what would be involved in monitoring or even sampling the email of worker bees in a huge company like lockheed martin. it would be a herculean task, even for the sunnyvale commercial space division alone, not to mention a mind-numbing waste of time. i convinced myself the resources would never be allocated. spike