extropy: Re: Amusing anti-cloning arguments

Re: Amusing anti-cloning arguments

Bernard Hughes (bjhughes@istar.ca)
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 15:13:49 -0330

Spike Jones wrote:

> Bernard Hughes wrote:
> >I personally have seen some pretty scary reactions to new ideas, so I believe
> >its a serious problem. One solution would be to operate in
> >secret, but we have already blown that. ...
> actually bernard, we havent. by posting on the internet you reveal
> less about yourself than you might think. for instance, all i know
> about you is your name, which is nothing. there are probably
> at least hundreds of bernard hugheses in the world. interesting
> notion, needs more thought. spike

Lots of Bernard Hugheses, but only one with my web domain. Like many people here, I usually put my domain name in my sig, which says a lot about me. I'm emotionally an optimist, so I am hopeful my views won't make me a target. But intellectually, I am more pessimistic. I recall how often quite "reasonable" people have gone into "kill the weirdoes" mode over what seem to me strange but harmless lifestyle choices. Not to mention some of the choices advocated here which would really change the world.

Despite my pessimism, I don't want to put much energy into covering my rear. Moving forward is more attractive.

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