Re: Mind machines, a badly neglected topic? (Was: Re: Mind Control, 1990s)

Joe Jenkins (
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 12:29:12 -0800 (PST)

---Spike Jones <> wrote:

> is this chemical legal?

Only on a ship seven miles out at sea :-)

> it wont be, if it really works. {8-[ joe, if
> you mysteriously disappear we will know the government goons
> caught up with you. {8-[ any population that has access to this
> technology would be impossible to enslave or govern.

This is already happening. "Soft novelty devices" are illegal to sell here in Texas. Either the great legislature has a goal to keep it from feeling good or they thoroughly enjoy causing high trauma to those parts of peoples anatomy by limiting it to hard plastic. Ouch!!!! I tend to favor the later theory.

> by the way, are you looking for test subjects? {8^) spike

Not generic ones. But those with the inclination for quickly transitioning to intense full body orgasms are needed. That is, if other muscles begin to synchronize with your PC muscle such that many simultaneous involuntary contractions are happening throughout your body. I need to identify these muscles that participate. So far, it appears most are internal (deeper inside the body), but I need to identify ones that I have access to externally (just under the skin). I've not searched the literature on any of this because of my disappointment on my initial attempt and the resulting success of starting from scratch. I still wonder if doing the proper research will help or hinder. It appears we have a badly neglected area of research when a hobbiest without any background in biology or physiology can make discoveries that should be widely known.

Why is the so called super organism "Meta Man" so secretive about his/her/its physiological mechanisms for sexual pleasures? Does she/he/it think a possible mate is watching/listening and maybe feels a little embarrassed :-) (just kidding) But seriously, is it possible that, in its incredible wisdom, avoiding/delaying a positive feedback loop is desirable (as in John Clarks theory). If so "Meta Man" will soon see the inevitable, with, or without my help. Based on this thread, there seems to be multiple emergent paths that have been technologically possible for some time. Prepare for a more even distribution.

Joe Jenkins

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