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Max M (
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 09:27:42 +0100

From: Randall Randall <>

>> with the microsoft case we extropians are on the horns of a
>> nasty dilemma. would we prefer bill gates to gain an iron fisted
>> control over practically everything that has a keyboard, or
>> would we prefer big brother (in the form of the federal
>> trade commission) to step in? the comments of those outside
>> the u.s. are most welcome, for you too are effected. spike
>Well, as someone who uses a PC with no microsoft software at
>all, I don't think that he'd have much control. :) With no
>intervention at all, I think that Windows will go the way of
>MacOS (which has fewer users now than Linux, IIRC). The only
>reason he got *that* much market share is A) marketing, and
>B) usability. When Linux can match those, it will quickly
>overwhelm Windows, since it already has reliability, stable
>software (mostly), and a fanatical user base.

I believe that windows and all the other desktop systems uses a metaphor that is getting more and more strained as we need to control larger amounts of files.

Besides they are to difficult to understand for most people in the world.

There is good reson to believe that there will be a shift in paradigm at sometime. I mean can you really imagine running a windows like system in a hundred years from now? We need a better interface with a better behaviour.


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