Hal Finney (
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 22:21:32 -0800

Another nanotech claim on the Foresight Exchange game is one I created, about the date the Feynmann Grand Prize will be awared by the Foresight Institute (no relation to the Foresight Exchange).


: This is a scaled claim based on the date that the Feynman Grand Prize,
: which has been established by the Foresight Institute, is awarded. See
: This prize requires the
: design and construction of 32 copies each of two nanotech devices: a
: robot arm capable of .1 nanometer positional accuracy which fits within
: a 100 nm cube, and a computational device, an 8-bit binary adder, which
: fits within a 50 nm cube.
: This claim will pay off based on the year the the prize is awarded,
: with claim values 0-100 corresponding to years 2000-2100. If the claim
: is satisfied before the year 2000 then the claim value will be 0, and
: if the claim is satisfied after the year 2100, or is never satisfied,
: then the claim value will be 100.

The claim is trading at a value which would predict a date in the early 2020's for the prize to be awarded.