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Mon, 26 Oct 1998 11:58:15 +0100

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> > If smart people like Pizulli and the other intellectuals who have written
> > in opposition to cloning become so irrational when dealing with an issue
> > like human cloning, we'd better watch out for their response when we're
> > talking about altering human nature and making technological changes far
> > more interesting and far-reaching that copying a person's genes.
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> The solution isn't to watch out for their response, or to try to convince
> them that there's nothing wrong with cloning.. you cannot change an
> irrational person's mind by presenting them with rational arguments. The
> solution is to find ways to do it anyway, despite any laws passed against
> it. You can expect that when things like cryonics, mega-lifespans, and
> severe body alterations become scientifically feasible, they will be
> legislated against, and we'll be bombarded with arguments about whether "we
> as a society should allow this". Expect to hear things like "Cryonics costs
> a hundred thousand dollars, why should the rich be allowed to live longer
> then the poor?". This is inevitable, I guarantee this will be the prevailing
> sentiment. Trying to offer rational arguments may do some good to change it,
> but what we really need to do is figure out how to more efficiently break
> the law.

And amen to that! Working around idiotic laws and public attitudes isn't even that difficult...if you have money. Whatever the problem, it always comes down to money. With it you can buy "just about anything, including good health, happiness, respect, power and possibly even eternal life." Getting rich should really be included in the transhuman/extropian principles...