Re: urban legends

Spike Jones (
Sun, 25 Oct 1998 21:26:49 -0800

> Eliezer Yudkowsky wrote: Do we give children a choice as
> to whether or not they have to grow up? ...

um, wellll, sort of. i am amazed at the number of teenagers and adults i have seen this week purchasing halloween costumes. perhaps this will be one of the choices of the first generation of transhumans: do you want to be a child? teen? thirtysomething?

on an unrelated: we have heard the halloween horror stories of razor blades in apples, poisoned or drugged candy, etc, which have all the earmarks of urban legends. does anyone here know of a proven case, that can be pinned to a name, a place, a time, when poisoned/drugged/bladed treats were given to children at halloween? a friend says a foaf knew of such a case, but i now think it is 100% urban legend... spike