Re: Singular Futures
Sat, 24 Oct 1998 22:34:37 EDT

There was a speculative book called "History of the Future, a chronology" by Peter Lorie and Sidd Murray-Clark, Doubleday, 1989. A "history" from year 2000 to 3000. A bit new age, but still some good extropian themes. -Jay

Damien Broderick wrote...
>I'm happy to report that a long piece by me about the Singularity (or
>varieties thereof) as depicted in science fiction has been accepted for a
>collection of papers in honor of the futurist and scholar I F Clarke, to be
>called *Histories of the Future*. The collection has been formally
>accepted for publication by Macmillan in the UK and St Martin's in the USA,
>and is edited by academics Alan Sandison and Robert Dingley. Should be an
>intriguing book!