Re: John Glenn's Biometrics...

Hara Ra (
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 23:24:32 -0700

>ken i have been thinking for some time about a biomonitor that
>would ride inside the urinary bladder. i have a notion that such
>a thing could be constructed, perhaps 2 cm in length
>and not more than about 4 mm diameter so that it could be
>inserted thru the urethra without surgery. the device would
>need some sort of telemetry to com link with instruments
>outside the body.
Easily done with ASIC technology. Problem is in getting rid of the thing. Kidney stones supreme!

>initially i thought such a device would monitor the chemistry of
>the urine, perhaps giving some warning of conditions that lead
>to kidney stones, however i now realize the device might be
>applicable for monitoring other important functions. spike

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