Re: more teleportation

Michael Fitzgerald (
Sat, 24 Oct 1998 14:03:51 +1000

Hello Damien,
I heard you on the abc the other week
went straight out and bought your book
it's been a long time since i can remember going out with such set purpose to track down a particular book (due in equal amounts to your good self, charm and wit and intelligence -by the way, Adams' humour didn't get your (funny) jokey response to his question: Why make these things so bloody small, which, if you recall, went something like this:
"well, i suppose for doing very tiny and also the good adams himself)
I wasn't disappointed
congratulations and thank you
you've considerably enriched the humble furnishings of my unSpiked brain!

michael fitzgerald

this is just what it purports to be: a friendly thank you/acknowledgment

beyond that, now i know where you hang out, i can look forward to reading 'you' at greater length, and perhaps, who knows, I might bravely venture the odd question, comment etc.
We never tire of saying it: but this is a great medium, isn't it: sitting on the dunny one day, listening to Adams, the next day reading your book, the next week: here am i, subsisting (perspectively) in a corner of a cyber-agora, a discreet distance maintained, listening to the public forum in which we find ourselves, like good republicans of older orders, debating the great issues of all time... well shit, i dunno...

c u