Bernard Hughes (
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 19:46:44 -0230

Kathryn Aegis wrote:

> By the year 3000, it goes almost without saying that most humans will
> have the means and opportunity to evolve to the transhuman stage. My
> question--will we have seen the first posthuman(s) by then? How many?
> In what form?

If transhumanism is doable, I think it will be done by then. As to how many there will be, its easier to speculate on how many humans will be left. Why would someone not take advantage of the transhuman possibility? Religious reasons maybe, but that has to hold through many generations. Or people who choose to remain human in all but lifespan. Or people coerced by some powerful entity who wants to keep a pure human breeding stock.

If we have full control over both the shape of our bodies and our minds, I expect the concept of "individual" to be pretty murky by then. So counting them gets pretty dicey. I expect shifting coalitions of entities and subentities with common histories and purpose, but a rather relaxed sense of self. I would like to split off into a number of variations, some of whom may merge again later to create a common history. Other aspects of me may merge with other aspects of other people (and AI's) to form a kind of "mind children".

Staying human for 1000 years doesn't appeal to me. Does it to anyone else?


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