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Bernard Hughes (
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 00:50:47 -0230

Joe Jenkins wrote:

> High speculation brainstorming seed follows:
> I call this Peering Into the Past Technology or PIP Tech. If the
> resolution were good enough, it would mean resurrection for all who
> had descendants interested in such. Might peering at Earth from the
> other side of a black hole be a possible PIP Tech - anyone? Even if
> so, I don't see how you could possibly get the resolution needed.
> What other PIP Tech's are possible?

Tipler speculates on the ultimate in Peering Into the Past Technology in Omega Point. He assumes a universewide intelligence in a collapsing universe. He contends that being could gather enough information from the past to resurrect (simulate) us all. Personally, I would want a rather more direct connection with my Future Self than a hi-res simulation.

Another possibility is trading with a galactic civilisation that is observing and recording us now. Perhaps a Galactic Archiving service is already running, and we only need to know how to access it. A long way from time travel though.


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