Lady D'Los (schaefer88@hotmail.com)
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 04:43:54 PDT

Two simple questions which I feel will tickle your brain cells... Timetravel, a Transhuman possability, or just a daydream? Would it be a good thing, or disastrous?

I would have to answer yes to it being a possability, however far ahead the technology for such a thing is. I, with my limited knowledge of both Extropy and Timetravel (presently), do not believe we would bring about some disastrous outcome with the ability to time travel. On the contrary, we may be as ghosts, there only for the observance of whatever is happening and not in physical form. I'm not speaking of astral projection (at least not in the nature it is known to us), but if we were to go back or forward in Time, to break the limited bounds of our concept of Time, it would be to actually see it for what it is and not what we are taught. I think that all Time exists at one time and not on the three different levels of Past, Present, Future. We see it as thus because it is a convenience to us and our minds are limited only to what our senses tell it.

What do you think?

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