Re: Aha! experiences

Spike Jones (
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 21:47:50 -0700

> > > Scott Badger wrote: Where I work, it would have been socially and
> politically
> > > courageous of me to bring up or admit that I was an
> > > Agnostic . . . let alone an Atheist.
> >
> > why is that? are you a minister or something? none of
> > my business really, just curious.
> Never lived in the deep south, have you....

um, actually yes. lived in florida from age 1 to when i ran away from home at 19. that is where i received such a backward primary education,

i not only never heard a good explanation of evolution, they never even explained to me what the shift key does. {8^D i had two biology teachers
and both were creationists. im starting to think we really did lose the

scopes monkey trial back in 25... {8-[ spike