Mind Control, 1990s

Ian Goddard (Ian@Goddard.net)
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 14:48:09 -0400

At 01:24 PM 10/19/98 +0100, den Otter wrote:

>Even a machine with just one setting, pleasure, would be
>an absolutely unbeatable product (and a very transhuman
>one too: now you control your own emotions). The stuff that
>dreamsare made of. Now of course follows the inevitable
>question: why hasn't this been done yet? Do only implants
>have this effect (even then there would be many possible
>applications), or are the results too varied to create a
>viable product around the concept of "outside" (microwave
>etc.) brain stimulation?

IAN: There is an external electrical mind control technology on the market. Unlike the flashing light and sound machines, it delivers an electric impulse via clips placed on the ear lobes, and by that means "entrains" the brain to follow the impulse frequency, and the general aim is to induce deep relaxation.

My best "spiritual" experiences, one that I mention on one of my pages: http://Ian.Goddard.net/iam-free.htm wherein I saw blazing and ego-dissolving white light, a profound experience of epic proportions, occurred whilst the Alpha-Stim (tm) electrodes were attached to my ear lobes... mechanical nirvana! Of course, in each case I was also practicing mediation on a regular basis, and should note that I have used the Alpha-Stim device many times, and 99.9% of the time it just relaxes you, but on a few occasions, I really did "see the light." It seemed that in that light, all questions were answered, and I realized directly that "I am" is eternal and allpervasive, free from any finite place in space-time.

Such consciousness, if true, is not a local spirit with thoughts, but is the very field of space and time itself.

Of course, I always approach that experience as potentially false, and thus test it occurring to logical rule, and it seems to adhere to the logic that is found in the relations of numbers: http://Ian.Goddard.net/yoga.htm

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