Re: Aha! experiences

Scott Badger (
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 22:45:28 -0500

>Scott Badger wrote:
>> Where I work, it would have been socially and politically
>> courageous of me to bring up or admit that I was an
>> Agnostic . . . let alone an Atheist.
>why is that? are you a minister or something? none of
>my business really, just curious.

I'm not a minister. I'm a psychologist. I have heard us referred to, however, as secular priests. I actually like that term. I don't know what to tell you about "why that is". It's Dallas. . . it's conservative. I once made a reference to the Men's movement . . . and the 5 women in the room there gave me the kind of look you might see a a dog make after moving his food dish. "Why would MEN need a movement?" one of them said. "Because men are also victims of social conditioning and stereotypes." I said. But their heads remained cocked with that confused expression on their faces. All they understood was that men seemed to have more money and more power and the idea that this might not be a healthy situation never crossed their mind. For me to go even further and announce that their god is a famtasy would have been to commit political suicide. Since I don't care what they think, why should I do something like that?

>it occurred to me that i may be the only member of
>extropians with a minor in old testament studies... {8^D spike

Could be.

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