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>> Remote mind control by radio-controlled brain implants 
>> had been mastered as far back as 1964, to the point that 
>> scientists "played" animals "like little electronic toys,"
>> according to the following New York Times article:

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> Very interesting indeed! this for real? One would think that if
> amazing feats were already possible more than 30 years ago, "wired" people
> (criminals for example) and animals would be a common sight by now...What
is the
> current status of this kind of research anyway?

The same thing HAS been done with people... and I believe it was done before it was done with animals. I remember reading about some guy in Louisiana or something in the 50s who was a schizophrenic and homosexual, and they put a wire into his pleasure center, and the hospital staff gave him control of the button while he was watching a heterosexual porno, then got a prostitute for him (really!). I don't have the source with me so I don't remember the exact details, but it was from a book called "The Three Pound Universe". They also use it to control pain in terminally ill people.. I think the basal ganglia is the area that is stimulated. Someone who took a biopsychology class told me that one day the professor brought in a rat who had a wire directly into his basal ganglia, and could stimulate it with a lever, and the rat had been pressing the lever for three days straight, and while the professor is going over this to the class, the rat dropped dead from exaustion.. some girl in the class started complaining that it was cruelty to animals and he said "honey, this rat died happier then you'll ever be in your whole life". Apparently the procedure is not nearly as addictive with humans, and they can control it pretty well when they get one put in. I also seem to remember being told in a class that they have placed electrodes into people amygdala's to control anger.

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