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Hara Ra (
Wed, 14 Oct 1998 01:26:43 -0700

At 06:20 PM 10/13/98 -0400, Michael Lorrey wrote:
>Hara Ra wrote:
>> [1] Lego Toy Problem
> Your Lego brand data tape is
>going to be what? punch tape??? ;)
No, a belt made of Lego blocks.

> You could use the pins on a lego block for
>a media, if you wanted. A 2x8 pin block would represent 1 byte, where
every set
>of 2 pins is your 0 and 1 bit positions. Using this as a media structure, you
>definitely would have a memory space the size of a house to do anything
>given a conventional sized Lego block.

At least.

>To go more compact, you would use a 2x8 block as a punch tape reading
head, and
>a similar block as the writing head. Roll the punch tape up onto a spool.
>However, using tape is getting away from the standardized Lego building

My kid is a Lego freak. Lego sells hundreds of kits, each with custom blocks for the theme of the kit. I can tolerate Lego data blocks, kind of like the Jacquard Loom.

>> Nanobots are tiny indeed.
>Yes, are we talking bacterial sized bots or smaller??
Well, say the size of a red blood cell.
>> [3] Warming Up
> Question, if you are assembling the body as a corrected structure at
>cryogenic temperatures, what effect will warming the body have on its
>structure??? Won't there be some significant problems with coefficients of
>expansion going from 1 degree to 77 degrees??

Perhaps with bone. If need be, the cold structure could be prestressed or voids inserted between cells or organs.

> Since you won't have ice
>crystals, won't the body be severely dehydrated once it is warmed to the 1
>degree point????

No. The water molecules are where they should be, not as ice crystals, but distributed in the cytoplasm, etc.

>Or will there be transport mechanisms to infuse water as
>temperature rises?? These will be needed alongside the diamondoid warming
>structures, won't they???
No need. Imagine a living body instantly cooled to 77 deg K. Now reverse it.

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