Forthcoming Books on Rand and Objectivism

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I thought this might be of interest.

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From: "Chris Sciabarra" <> Subject:Forthcoming Books

The new issue of IMPACT, newsletter of the Ayn Rand Institute, mentions the December release of two new books: THE AYN RAND READER, edited by Gary Hull and Leonard Peikoff and RETURN OF THE PRIMITIVE: THE ANTI-INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, edited by Peter Schwartz. The first book will include selections from Rand's fiction and non-fiction and is designed as an introductory text for literature and philosophy courses. The second book is an expanded version of THE NEW LEFT, originally published in 1971. This version includes, apparently, three new essays by Schwartz on feminism, environmentalism, and multiculturalism.

I have an essay coming out in the newest issue of REASON PAPERS, "A Renaissance in Rand Scholarship," which surveys many other books in the growing Rand market.


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