Extropy and Censorship

Prometheus Space (hyperspace70@hotmail.com)
Fri, 09 Oct 1998 06:29:51 PDT

I attempted to send a message to the Extropy mailing list about a new book I read. To my surprise the message was never distributed on the list. Instead, I received my email back from my mail server with this header:

<extropians@extropy.com>:Connected to but sender was rejected.
Remote host said: 550 <extrogod@hotmail.com>... You are not welcome here.

What did I do to deserve this draconian measure? On October 1st, I made a post in response to Michael Lorrey's "anti-spam strategy" post that did not violate any of the list's guidelines. But yet I'm blocked from posting to the list under my normal email address.

Maybe this is a backlash from my earlier posts in August where I exposed Max More as being hypocritical with his personal attacks towards me. I also identified that posts of Erik Moeller's had been deleted from the archive, a fact confirmed by other members, however, immediately after my post the archive 'mysteriously disappeared' and when it returned a day later, Erik's posts were back. When you sport a view that conflicts with Max More's point-of-view, prepared to be censored or at least driven from the list (for example, Erik Moeller).

What about Nicholas Bostrom? He posted to this list and said "I have evidence indicating that the rumor about the censored post was started by someone who is explicitly out there to harm the ExI. I can't disclose this evidence since it was confided to me in a private email. But let's all simply ignore this rumor." This turned out to be a false statement. No apologies were made to me. Nicholas Bostrom continues to be allowed to post to this list. His outright lie and slander of me was far more serious than my lack of tact in phrasing my comments. Where is the objective rational approach in this case?

Ironically, Max More makes a post today about a free society publication yet he supports the subjective and biased censorship of a list member! What is worse, I am a paying member of the Extropy Institute!

I am beginning to think Erik Moeller was right. Transhumanism is a noble movement with many bright minds. But the Extropy Institute is a biased cultish institution that squashes anyone who disagrees publically with its leader, Max More.


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