Re: Economic Growth Assuming Machine Intelligence

J. Maxwell Legg (
Thu, 8 Oct 1998 02:12:56 +1300

>Robin wrote:
>>It is easier to get more variation in growth rates with endogenous
>>growth models, and there is also less consensus on how to model
>>endogenous growth. So to avoid the accusation that I cooked my big
>>growth speedup implications, I choose to use exogenous growth.
>>This may provide a conservative estimate of growth implications.
>>But yes, it would be interesting to try the simplest endogenous
>>growth model, which I think is the AK model.
>That seems like a good reason to use exogenous growth. Thanks for the

I'd say that having less consensus on how to model endogenous growth may mean there are more endogenous systems to choose to model from and large numbers of actual adequate trials to take place instead of supression of large numbers of models. Wouldn't a wider field be a better base to choose from than continuing with the restricted exogenous growth model. More challenging may be to allow the fittest model to continue to grow and in reality cease to be a model and proving something or the other.