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Ian Goddard (
Mon, 05 Oct 1998 14:43:39 -0400

At 07:49 PM 10/5/98 +1300, J. Maxwell Legg wrote:

>> I'm assuming you're referring to the supposedly excessive use of a
>> certain _green_ herb in Amsterdam. Some recent statistics I've seen,
>> however, suggest that usage in the Netherlands for 'natives' is
>> comparable to other European countries. Although the stats didn't
>> mention Amsterdam, I'd imagine a similar story. In fact, most of it is
>> apparently used by foreigners, due to the novelty of being able to use it
>> lawfully. Consequently, I doubt there is a strong connection.
>Considering that transients might end up dying of throat cancer in
>Amsterdam then the fact that they bring their ailments with them creates
>a very strong statistic.

IAN: Do you have any evidence to support this "very strong statistic" that would show that the purported highest-rate of throat cancer is linked to vagabonds?

If "transients" refers to tourists, then I would observe that if you were on a vacation, chances are good, if you started to get the early signs of throat cancer, you'd wait until you were home to have it checked out, and if you had it checked during your vacation, you'd most assuredly return home to have it treated. So the case for tourists depositing the highestrate of throat cancer in Amsterdam seems tortured.

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