Re: Economic Growth Assuming Machine Intelligence

Robin Hanson (
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 09:05:21 -0700

Joe Jenkins writes:
>> Economic Growth Assuming Machine Intelligence
>> , .ps
>Why have you assumed a state of slavery for the sentient beings? How
>would self ownership and a right to ones own wages, for the machine
>intelligences change your results?

I did not assume machine slavery, and so my results are uneffected by slavery vs. not.

>Another assumption I'm still grappling with, is that the labor
>population of machine intelligences could grow as fast as desired to
>meet labor demand. I'm not so sure human or greater intelligences
>wouldn't have a problem once they start seeing thousand of copies of
>themselves in the population. Although, all you need to find is one
>willing participant, this may still be a problem. Could you find one
>human who is willing to undergo constant torture? Would the world be
>satisfied if it starts seeing skyrocketing suicide rates? I know most
>will disagree with me on this, but I think there might be some
>socio-political unknowns that are not at all foreseeable that might
>stop this dead in its tracts.

I discuss a lot of these issues qualitatively in

There may well be political intervention, but the first analytical step is to see what is likely to happen without intervention. Then folks can discuss which interventions are likely or desirable.

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