Re: FDA recalls Starlink

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Nov 07 2000 - 11:50:12 MST

Ah, but tobacco is not a food product, nor, supposedly, a drug product, ergo,
the *Food* and *Drug* Administration has no jurisdiction there. Starlink corn is
a food, so its a FDA jurisidiction deciding what markets it can be used in. The
EPA really has no right to impede its product approval process, it can only
regulate how it is produced to minimize its impact upon the environment. EPA can
only regulate whether Starlink exists with respect to humans if it can show that
it harms humans *in* the environment, not on store shelves, or that the waste
products of Starlink production harm humans or the environment more than normal
corn waste products.

Spike Jones wrote:
> > >> what is its 'safe' level? How many tacos does couch potato Jose
> > >> have to eat during a football game in order to receive a harmful dose?...
> >
> > CurtAdams wrote:Starlink is being recalled due to concerns about allergenicity,
> > not toxicity....
> Roger that. We have tobacco, a *known* allergen and carcinogen,
> yet I see no effort to recall that stuff. {8-[ spike

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