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Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 11:43:22 MDT

On Sunday, October 08, 2000 4:26 AM Gina Miller wrote:
> What were you eating? I do a lot of veggies, and I find that corn last's
> longer (as far as feeling full) thru the day, than my mixed veggies
> alternative. (consisting of carrots, potato and celery) When I eat the
> latter although it's lower calories, I'm hungry, sooner. I assume the corn
> is more filling because it's starch/carb.

I'd stay away from really starchy veggies -- unless you are having lots of
leafy and other ones too. Carrots and corn, e.g., are too high in sugar,
compared with spinach and string beans. If you plan on doing CR, starchy
plants is probably not the way to go.

For the record, when I practiced CR a few years ago, I generally ate a lot
of salads. For dinner, however, I'd have steamed vegetables -- usually
cauliflower or spinach or broccoli -- with a small serving of beans
(lentils, black beans, etc.) and some whole grain -- _real_ wild rice (which
is black and long) or steel cut oats or rye flakes (all low on the glycemic
index). The meals were not terribly interesting, though with some spices
they were tastey. I mainly carried on through just sheer force of will. I
knew I'd be a little hungry, but always focused on other things. I did this
for about a year.

> > I supplemented heavily accross the vitamin spectrum - my weight went
> > from 128 to 113lbs and stabilized there... I was about , oh, 47 then.
> I just take the standard "one a day", this most likely is not efficient
> enough for my low intake.

I agree. I take a full spectrum of supplements. I take them with every
meal as well as some without meals, such as amino acids.

People tell me the hardest thing about doing this is remembering, so I
recommend getting a pill case and stocking it each morning. After a while,
it will become a habit. (If you miss taking them once, don't fret, just
pick up the next meal or the next day.) Also, if you can afford the
supplements, keep an adequate supply around, so you never run out and stop
taking them.


Daniel Ust

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