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<< You still are making claims about the 3rd Reich which you have failed to
 any documentation, while I have cited actual eyewitness statements that
 your claims. Either come up with something to refute the statements of
Speer, et
 al or cease and desist your revisionism. >>
Speer is about as trust-worthy a source as Hermann Goering. They both were up
to their chins with blood and theft. I would recommend Hitler's Willing
Executioners by Goldhagen(1996). Another work of interest is Explaining
Hitler by Ron Rosenbaum (1999) and I would recommend Nazi Terror: The
Gestapo, Jews, and ordinary German Citizens. Are you really going to
hair-split when we know that the largest German Electric Company AEG, had
documentation discussing supplying power to the Dachau Death Camp?

AEG pre-existed before the 3rd Reich ever existed, and probably pre-dated the
Weimar Republic. The German insurance company, Allianz (alliance) was afraid
it would have to pay indemnities to its Jewish clients after Chrystal Nacht,
till Hermann Goering reassured Allianz, it would never have to do so. (The
Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich) By the way, Allianz just payed off some
indemnities to their former clients just in 1999, LOL!

You know I haven't mentioned what the Belgian Minning companies did to the
Central Africans in the llate 19th century. These guys were capitalists also.
Its a more complicated issue then you seem to acknowledge. Perhaps you or
Milt Friedman may make a decent case for harnessing capitalism to promote
ethical behavior as a decent side-effect? But the blood doesn't wash out as
Shakesphere said much more elloquently; a lot of evil has been done in the
past. Slavery was capitalistic, albeit a hideously evil, form of it. I stand
by my assetions, which might be clarified as "making money is very nice,
doing evil (we need to define this!) to accomplish it crosses the line"

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