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J. R. Molloy (
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 09:39:22 -0700

Michael S. Lorrey wrote,
>While compelling a person to provide goods or services is anathema to
>me, so are people who do not hold the credo that 'a person who feels
>that there is nothing worth dying for, has nothing worth living for.'

That statement implies that people not subject to or required to register for Selective Service (that is, females) have nothing worth living for. As a man you might find this an acceptable conclusion, but females will probably raise the occasional objection. <sneer> As I pointed out earlier, the cruel and violent practice of mutilating the male genitalia indicates a deep-seated (although perhaps subliminal) societal aversion to men and masculinity, and especially a fear and hatred of male sexuality. Of course, in a heterosexually normed culture, officially sanctioned violence toward one sex more than toward the other, meets with very little opposition. Nevertheless, careful observers can detect the anti-male sexism inherent in female-oriented society at large (with the exception of a very few -- and tainted -- pro-male enclaves). --J. R.

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